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,about the raid on the Fundamentalists Latter-day Saints. I understand that there are those who will make an attempt to place words in my mouth and imply things which I have not advocated. I cannot sanction those things which the Latter-day Saints have been alleged to have done. My concern is to the methods used by the Texas authorities.
I am not familiar with Texas Law, Illinois law, and know very little of Ga. Law. My observations and concerns are based on my little understanding of Ga. law.
We read that a search warrant was executed based on an anonymous caller who claimed that she was forced to marry a man much older than herself and was beaten often.
Now it seems that, this caller cannot be identified as a resident of the church and the man she fingered can prove that he had not been in Texas during the time in question. (His lawyer’s Statement)
The fourth amendment specifies thata judicially sanctioned search must be supported by probable cause and be limited in scope according to specific information supplied by a person who has sworn by it and is therefore accountable to the issuing court. A valid such warrant must include a sworn affidavit which includes the charges, and the items to be searched for.
In view of the above how can the search warrant against the church be valid and if not valid cannot all evidence seized be thrown out?
There were more than 400 children taken from their mothers and fathers. It was alleged that the females were forced into polygamous marriages. Half of these children taken from their mothers were male. There were no allegations against them yet they were taken, separated and confined also.
Press statements indicate that all of the fundamentalist are being compelled to give a DNA swab. This would seem to be a fifth amendment violation. Such trolling when used to set up a DNA data base for sex offenders has previously run into trouble
These children are being interviewed in the absence of their parents, yet we note that the Peterson children are prohibited from testifying with their father’s consent.
There is an antipathy by the secular public toward spiritual groups and this dislike is particularly virulent when directed against cults.
Falun Gong movement, considered by the government in China to be dangerous to social stability and sanctions are placed against members..
There is an estimated 250,000 Jehovah's Witnesses in France and a growing number of Scientologists. A special laws have been adopted to counter them and to harass their religious practice.
Nazi Germany carried the antipathy against Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals and the mentally retarded to the extreme resulting in the deaths of millions.
The pressures against cults in the United States reached a crescendo of violence in the actions Jehovah Witness and the Branch Dravidians who died at Waco, Texas, under the leadership of David Koresh Seventy people were burned to death in actions resulting from Government intervention there.
This similar intervention might well have had similar result.
I do not support polygamy nor do I support the early marriage of female children. My opposition derives from my beliefs in the protection of the Constitutions and the feeling that the government should not disregard these protections for a short term gain..
The age of consent is a statutory figure not a biological one. Most of us have ancestors who were married at an age much lower than the present age of consent now. Which varies from 14 to18 in the United States and 13 in Mexico.
Jamie Lyn Spears is pregnant at 16 in a state where the age of consent is 18. No one seems offended by this. It is only when the secularist sees an opening to denigrate religion are they concerned.
Even though the alleged actions of the Fundamentalist Latter-day Saints are repugnant to me, I believe a greater wrong is committed by the separation of these children from their parents. These children are fed, clothed, and loved by their present parents at no expense to the taxpayer.
These following remarks are directed to people who know from observation and experience of the proffered alternation, which is foster homes. To those who have no knowledge of what can be expected form some foster homes’ treatment of their wards, an investigation might seem a suitable option.
Foster homes are supported at tax payer expense. There are some good foster parents. There are some not so good. Some children are placed by the state in homes which place adolescence girls at the mercy of lecherous providers, where they can become pregnant. Often there is no moral supervision from these foster parents and the children are allowed to do what-so-ever pleases them. Some States frown on any religious training.
Texas is not noted as an example of excellent foster homes. In fact mistreatment is rampant all over the United States and we see on the evening news examples which would lead us to believe that the care of many of these children would worsen if placed in foster homes in Texas.
Secularist hate religious institutions and in cases where these institutions can be censured with some degree of appropriateness, these institutions are signed out for persecution.
The Catholic church recently experienced antipathy resulting from abhorrent actions of a few.
When the Southern Baptist held their convention in Las Vagus, the Baptists who followed the beliefs of the teaching of Paul were charged with being "brainwashed". A Convenient catchword carrying a derogatory and defamatory connotation.
Paul said, Wives submit your selves to your husbands. The second part of his teaching, Husbands love and respect your wives was conveniently left out of their charges. Paul teachings made the husband head of the house hold, the same position adopted by the U.S. Census.
The Constitution protects Southern Baptists now, but for how long. The acceptance of the eradication of the gypsies in Germany led to the slaughter of millions of Jews

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